Publisher Spotlight: 31 Days of First Second

In the month of May 2016, I thought I'd take some time each day to highlight some of the great books published by First Second. Each day, I posted four images to Twitter and Facebook, the first identifying the book, then two samples of interior art, and last a very very brief capsule review. So here they are, collected: 31 Days Of Frist Second.

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As a List

Day 1: Alan's War
by Emmanuel Guibert
ISBN: 1596430966

Day 2: Anya's Ghost
by vera Brosgol
ISBN: 1596437138

Day 3: Baby's In Black
by Arne Bellstorf
ISBN: 1596437715

Day 4: Battling Boy + Aurora West
by Paul Pope (+ JT Petty and David Rubin)
ISBN: 1596431458

Day 5: Bloody Chester
by JT Petty and Hilary Florido
ISBN: 1596431008

Day 6: Bourbon Island 1730
by Appollo and Lewis Trondheim
ISBN: 1596432586

Day 7: Broxo
by Zach Giallongo
ISBN: 1596435518

Day 8: The Color of Earth/Heaven/Water
by Kim Dong Hwa
ISBN: 1596434589

Day 9: Delilah Dirk
by Tony Cliff
ISBN: 1596438134

Day 10: The Divine
by Boaz Lavie, Asaf Hanuka, and Tomer Hanuka
ISBN: 1596436743

Day 11: Feynman
by Jim Ottaviani and Leland Myrick
ISBN: 1596432594

Day 12: Friends With Boys
by Faith Erin Hicks
ISBN: 1596435569

Day 13: Genius
by Steven T Seagle and Teddy Kristiansen
ISBN: 1596432632

Day 14: In Real Life
by Cory Doctorow and Jen Wang
ISBN: 1596436581

Day 15: Laika
by Nick Abadzis
ISBN: 1596431016

Day 16: Lastman
by Balak, Sanlaville and Vives
ISBN: 1626720460

Day 17: Level Up
by Gene Yang and Thien Pham
ISBN: 1596432357

Day 18: The Moon Moth
by Humayoun Ibrahim
ISBN: 1596433671

Day 19: Photographer
by Emmanuel Guibert
ISBN: 1596433752

Day 20: Primates
by Jim Ottaviani and Maris Wicks
ISBN: 1596438657

Day 21: The Professor's Daughter
by Joan Sfar and Emmanuel Guibert
ISBN: 159643130X

Day 22: Red Handed
by Matt Kindt
ISBN: 159643662X

Day 23: Relish
by Lucy Knisley
ISBN: 1596436239

Day 24: Sailor Twain
by Mark Siegel
ISBN: 1596436360

Day 25: Shackleton
by Nick Bertozzi
ISBN: 1596434511

Day 26: The Silence Of Our Friends
by Nate Powell
ISBN: 1596436182

Day 27: Stratford Zoo
by Ian Lendler and Zach Giallongo
ISBN: 1596439157

Day 28: Sumo
by Thien Pham
ISBN: 159643581X

Day 29: Templar
by Mechner, Pham and Puvilland
ISBN: 1596433930

Day 30: Three Shadows
by Cyril Pedrosa
ISBN: 159643239X

Day 31: Tune
by Derek Kirk Kim and Les McClaine
ISBN: 159643516X


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