Daily Graphic Novel Recommendation 188

Murder Me Dead

by David Lapham
Genre notes: neo-noir, murder, you'll see dead people, high school reunion
264 pages
ISBN: 1632150794 (Amazon)

Steven kind of loathes his wife and her family. Except for his brother-in-law's wife who he's got a thing going with. So when he comes home late to find his wife hanging from the ceiling fan, he isn't exactly broken up over it. But now the family wants to pin the crime on him --> but he didn't do it --> but the detective thinks he did --> but he remembers Tara, the girl he crushed on in high school --> but trying spark a love connection in the week after your wife my have killed herself but may have also been murdered by you isn't a very good look --> but Steven is kind of a narcissist so he doesn't notice and so follows his old crush around like a creeper --> but she has a shotgun.

And then the story begins.

This is David Lapham at his 87%-David-Laphammiest. It's got his signature all over it but it's not as chaotic as Stray Bullets and not as blisteringly nutso as Young Liars.

What I've collected here are the first 4 pages of the book + 2 others that I felt were indicative of Murder Me Dead's vibe.

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