Last Man: Vol 1 (The Stranger)

by Balak, Michaël Sanlaville, Bastien Vivès

A French battlemanga by a trio of comics geniuses.

The Sculptor

by Scott McCloud

Death chases a guy down, gives him artsy superpowers, and sticks around to watch the show



by Paco Roca


The Best Comics of 2014

by Jirô Taniguchi


SPX 2014

by Jirô Taniguchi, Carey Pietsch, Zack Giallongo


Good Ok Bad features reviews of comics, graphic novels, manga, et cetera using a rare and auspicious three-star rating system. Point systems are notoriously fiddly, so here it's been pared down to three simple possibilities:

3 Stars = Good
2 Stars = Ok
1 Star = Bad

I am Seth T. Hahne and these are my reviews.

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