Golden Rules

A comic by Seth T. Hahne

Golden Rules cover

Golden Rules masquerades as an argument for the innate depravity of the human soul, calling on the testimony of millennia of moral philosophers. It wants to be a tour de force indictment of the human spirit, a shameful indication of how bad we all are at heart. But really, that's just veneer (probably) and it's real aim is to shame men into cleaning the seat after they pee on it—or even better, MAYBE NOT PEEING ON THE SEAT AT ALL!

Golden Rules is an 18-page digital comic in PDF form. It is DRM-free. Because of love. It costs $1 (or whatever more you think it might be worth).

You can purchase it here: Buy Golden Rules

(Note to female readers: This work, being concerned with male restroom etiquette, contains lots of drawings of pee and maybe an anatomical drawing of some guy's doodle. You may be grossed out. Or excited or curious or bored or tall. Whatever the case, you'll probably learn something about How Men Pee.)



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